First Day of New Year

For the most part it was a pretty unproductive day, never helps when it is -14 degrees outside!!  The day was pretty much spent with the wife watching college football, one thing anyone who were to read this is I’m a big football fan.  I did get to the gym this evening though and was able to workout for about 50 minutes!!  I spent the whole time on the tread mill.

I just got a fitbit (love it) the first few days i’ve been just trying to get a average set up for steps, calories, distance walked, active minutes and sleep.  So i’ve set my goals light right away and will keep raising them right now.

I’ve had steps set at 10,000 and was little short tonight only getting 9600.

I’ve walked 4.75 miles today, i’ve got it set at 5 right now.

Very active minutes i have set for 30 minutes and got 49 minutes so ill have to move that up.

Food wise I sadly didn’t get breakfast this morning, for lunch i had three pieces of pizza (tombstone), for supper I had 1 deer sausage and green beans.  For snacks i had a apple and a couple oranges today.

For the most part I would say I had a pretty solid day!


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